Vixen Free: How to Watch with a Free Account & Avoid Scams

If you are into high quality porn, you can try this legit method I found on how to watch new and full videos from Vixen without paying.

How to watch full Vixen porn videos for free?

  1. First step is to go to “this offer page at”.
  2. On that page, click on the “redeem offer” button.
  3. Fill in your account details (email, password).
  4. Choose the two day trial account and “continue”.
  5. Go though age verification.
  6. Watch and download all the latest full movies for free.

Luckily billing is discreet so nothing referenced to Vixen or adult sites will show up on your statement. The minor charge is to prevent abuse.

Vixen Logo

Follow the steps I’ve outlined above for a free account.

PS. Enable downloads so you can watch all the movies later beyond the trial. You can download all the videos in full 1080p HD format.

They’ve won several best scene awards as well as the adult site of the year and porn studio of the year titles at the Xbiz Awards.

Personally I think it’s the best quality porn movie site there is.

Free VS Paid Vixen?

This is a very active site with a pledge to make six new porn movie releases every single month. So the obvious downside with using this “free method”, is that you are missing out on all those great new releases.

But still two days is good value obviously with access to all videos.

Vixen Awards

What I’ve done is to subscribe to a monthly plan through the redeem page, so that I have more time to download videos and watch new releases.

That will keep me satisfied for a good number of months from there on until I feel like updating my Vixen porn collection, and sign up for another month.

This is the way to get the most benefit from a longer membership.

If you just want to watch and keep yourself on the edge of high quality porn, for those people the 90 or 120 day full access account is a good choice.

You can also search through free streaming sites and find short clips meant to promote the official Vixen website. But if you want the latest stuff in full length and full HD quality, the only way is the one outlined above.

How to avoid free account scams;

Obviously a lot of people are looking for access to Vixen’s hot videos in full HD and full length without paying for it and for this very reasons there are many scammers about, trying to exploit this opportunity.

There’s a whole range of account creators, password generators and other claims for third-party provided accounts that are completely free. However, usually you have to complete various tasks such as surveys to get access to these claimed goodies. This however, is a sure sign of a scam.

Completing these tasks will only profit those who made these false claims.

Therefore, any third-party method in my experience is never going to work and is simply a waste of time to try no matter how promising they may seem.

My conclusion;

Vixen is a very interesting adult video site, pioneered by the pornographic director master mind Greg Lansky, originally from France.

They are definitely worth checking out. Their site ranks among the top 10,000 most popular sites on the internet according to SimilarWeb.

Obviously as a high end brand, you are expected to pay something for it in the long run and they are making plenty of profit with their popular site. But I consider myself lucky for providing free trials and free videos to watch.

Enjoy yourselves and have a fantastic time with Vixen.

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Dave Walls

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  1. Hands down Vixen is the best porn site there is for lovers of high quality girls and scenes and despite the classy act, they are very graphic too.

    Thanks for this.


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