The New Backpage?! Next Wave Online Hook Up Just Works

Now that we’ve seen the advantages, and even the disadvantages of a popular swinger community like Backpage, we are now seeing the next wave in online hook up solutions, some which work and other’s that don’t.

But the message is clear, that staying away from involvement of minors, sex trafficking, etc. is also for the benefit and safety of us users.

Next Backpage

Where the next wave of online hook ups is happening?

Before even the closure of Backpage, the swinger communities as well as escort services and other professional women have been fusing together.

While finding casual sex among the like-minded is still possible through these sites, it has annoyed those who were avoiding professional services.

Especially after Backpage’s closure, this next wave has exploded.

Sometimes the problem is that many of these sites, which monitor user age are in the interest of staying as legitimate as possible, are commercial.

But you can sign up for free online hook up accounts with many providers.

This is my takeaway for surviving the next wave;

  1. It’s very important to find a way to sign up for a free account (using a free sign up link for example), if not just don’t even bother.
  2. Every website will have their “premium” options with varying benefits. Upgrade only once you are confident that you are going to benefit from their services.
  3. Be honest and straightforward in what you are looking for in a hook up (while staying realistic and lowering your expectations a little).
  4. Stay safe and enjoy the Backpage style swinger life.

The next wave might not be exactly the same as Backpage, but those times have changed and perhaps thanks to their closure the business is now more competitive, being further spread out and booming more than ever.. and this has further made us think of ways to stay out of trouble and to use common sense.

What does the next wave online hook up mean for you?

I’d love to hear your experience and thoughts on Backpage.

Much thanks for stopping by.

Sincere regards,
Dave Walls.

Btw. a hookup is something to do with assembling components, this post is about hooking up for a sexual encounter with the opposite sex. Hooray.

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