Piwik Analytics: Public Image Graph of Website Visitor Statistics

How to display public visitor stats? With Piwik Analytics — it’s easy to include an image on your website that shows live visitor statistics in a neat graph. Here’s how.

These are called static image graphs which use Piwik analytics data to generate an image graph in PNG file format with various styles and options.

You can include pretty much anything in the graph; such as visitor count, browser versions, countries, screen resolutions, operating systems etc. There are three graph display styles: plotted line, horizontal & vertical bars, and a pie chart.

And since it’s just a PNG file — it’s super easy to attach it anywhere on a web page without JavaScript; with simple HTML in widgets, posts, pages, etc.

Setting up Static Image Graph

In this example — I’ll make a simple horizontal bar graph that shows the visitor count from the last 30 days.

<img src="https://wheresmynotes.com/piwik/index.php?module=API&amp;method=ImageGraph.get&amp;idSite=1&amp;apiModule=VisitsSummary&amp;apiAction=get&amp;token_auth=10f149d2d87b19faf2de747e91ba5e7e&amp;graphType=verticalBar&amp;period=day&amp;date=previous30&amp;width=650&amp;height=230" alt="Piwik Visitor Statistics" />

Simply change to the correct website address and path; you are good to go.

See here for more examples on setting up your graph!


Share us a link to your stats for an example?!

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Dave Walls

PS. This should work the same for new Matomo versions.

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