Instagram Support: How I got a 7-Day Expert Help Trial

This is my experience with JA support and how their Instagram experts have helped so much more than their official customer care has ever been able to.

Instagram’s scope of support is VERY limited usually pointing at ready written help articles if you even get a chance to get in touch with them.

This way I’ve gotten my problems solved. So far so good.

You can contact JA experts with a 7-day trial “with this link“.

Instagram Support

You may or may not be familiar with the Instagram Help Center which is at the center of their customer care, however it’s so overly optimized that it’s hard to get any real help other than for situations which can be dealt with ready written articles.

No matter how much I love Instagram, I truly dislike their support.

In the rest of my answer I will explain a bit of how I got locked out of my account, and how I got my problem solved with the method that I’ve already mentioned above.

Against all odds, I recovered my Instagram app password even though:

  1. I had forgotten my Instagram account email.
  2. My phone number was no longer in use.

So hope this helps other non-tech savvy people in a similar situation.

First I went to the app and clicked on where it says “forgot password?” and then I went through the steps for password recovery.
It’s pretty straight forward and easy to follow, but I couldn’t provide them the required details… so tough luck?
And I’ve tried contacting them only to receive ‘robotic answers’.

Instagram App Login

How did I reset my Instagram password?

I didn’t want to create a new account, so I took the easy way out and contacted an Instagram expert that helped me to get logged back into my app.

You can talk to the experts at JA (see the link at the top for a week trial).

In my experience, they won’t give you any pre-written answers like Instagram did but they actually looked at my specific problem.
They basically walked me through every way possible of gaining access back to my account, until I found the welcome email and could finally verify ownership even with an old, unused phone number.

So I would say that if:

  1. The regular steps for password recovery are not working for you.
  2. You don’t want to open up a new account.

Then, in my experience talking with an Instagram expert can be a good option of recovering your account and password. Although nothing is a guarantee, however I can say with confidence that my odds were a lot better compared to the wall I was up against with Instagram support.

I’d imagine that this could work for hacked and compromised accounts.

And whatever your device is whether iPhone, iPad or Android, etc.

The issue with Instagram support is that they seem well equipped for helping out people with common problems.. but when something requires an in-depth look or you just don’t understand something, they are reluctant to explain things to you in an easy to understand way if it’s not a ‘ready written article’.

And I’m back in business…!

Dave Walls

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