Best Value Fiverr Gigs Translate English to German! 1000 Words $5

In this post, I’ll show how to find best valued (cheap & good quality) translation gigs from English to German, and show my findings using this method.

German Translations on Fiverr

Depending on the geography of the language, the amount of words and range in quality can differ a lot when looking to outsource translation work on Fiverr.

For English to German translations, the usual is around 500words/$5 and it’s a good price to settle for if you are looking for a quality translation.

I did research to see if it’s possible to get a quality translation for even cheaper, and for more value. And I found out that it’s possible to go up to 1000words/$5 with some clever searching techniques and evaluation skills.

Note, it’s highly advised that the seller is from Germany. There are plenty of other nationalities, with German language skills. But to really understand the nuances and modern ways of writing, a true mother tongue from the country that your text is actually targeting, is the best and statistically more reliable.

English to German Fiverr Gigs

Here are my findings and I’ll explain the steps below;

Fiverr Gig #1 — 1000 words with proofreading included.

Fiverr Translate English to German Gig 1

Fiverr Gig #2 — $5 per 1000 words, native German.

Fiverr Translate English to German Gig 2

How did I find these, and why is not everyone making orders from them?

The answer is quite simple, let me explain;

Competition for English to German translations on Fiverr is quite tough, there are hundreds of sellers of which a good portion is good quality, and already contains loads of positive reviews attracting customers.

So the way to get your new gig started is to offer something of much higher value, like 1000 word translation work for $5 for a limited time.

Simply search for the newest arrivals, and remember to tick the “German” box under the seller language selection (direct link here).

Fiverr is intentionally made so that you cannot narrow down your search too much, and end up exposed to a lot of gigs. So the only way from there, is to go through each one quickly. Take note of the ones that are best, and then compare them.

You want people who are genuine and native German. You can do an image search of their picture on Google, and search for parts of their gig and profile description text to see that they are real people, who are not copying others.

With English to German, the seller only needs to have enough language skills to understand the English text well (doesn’t have to be fluent), and use their German mother tongue to write that in an understandable way.

Resulting in a quality translation!

When going the other way, I would recommend looking for someone who is from an English speaking country so that their English is good enough, example US or UK. Finding this however, is somewhat more difficult.

Good luck!

Let me know if there’s anything in the comments.

Dave Walls

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